Every bride wants beautiful flowers on her wedding day! So what’s a girl to do when those Cafe Au Late Dahlias are DOA because, yes, they are that delicate and don’t last long out of water. Love the idea of lush peonies? I hope you're getting married in May! Outdoor wedding? Yikes! Hydrangeas and heat do not get along! Planning on taking pics a few hours before the actual ceremony or in between the ceremony & reception? It’s unlikely your bouquets can withstand all of that action and still look picture perfect for your walk down the aisle. The good news is that silk flowers have come a long way, you’ll have a tough time guessing which blooms are the real deal and which ones are faux.  So when is it best to make the shift? Here is my guide to when faux flowers are a good idea. 

  1. You can’t beat the heat! Whether you’re a summer bride or just live in a warm climate, heat is a big factor when selecting the right flowers. Roses have always been my go-to since they stand up pretty well in all conditions but most other flowers do not fair so well. Sometimes Faux is the way to go.  A faux bouquet or centerpiece is a sure-fire way to keep you flowers looking picture perfect for the duration of your wedding from start to finish.
  2. The Great Outdoors. If you’re getting married outdoors or hosting a tented wedding, be wary of certain flowers like hydrangeas. Florists often use silk hydrangeas as a base of the arrangement and pepper in real roses and seasonal blooms and no one knows the difference! Nothing is worse than a floppy, deflated hydrangea.
  3. Out of Season, Out of Luck! Dahlias, Peonies & Poppies oh my! There are certain blooms that always come up when talking flowers and unfortunately these varieties are extremely seasonal and often unpredictable. The same goes for a lot of unique greens, berries, and things like Moonglow Pepper Chilis, Privet Berries, and Scabiosa Pods. Opting to use a few faux stems of these blooms mixed in with fresh flowers is a great way to get the look you want, no matter what the time of year.
  4. Extended Portrait Sessions. If your planning on taking photos a few hours before the ceremony or for a few hours in-between the ceremony and reception, chances are your bouquets and boutonnière are not going to go the distance. There is nothing worse they a bride and her bridesmaids walking down the aisle or into the reception with dead bouquets. The same goes for floral crowns and floral hairpieces.  Fresh blooms do not last long out of water and they are also extremely heavy and difficult to secure into your hair for a long period of time. As for the guys, they are known to be less than gentle with their flowers and are often taking their jackets on and off and tossing them about. Faux blooms are the way to go.
  5. Oversized Displays & Installations. If your heart is set on a gargantuan flower wall, hanging greenery display or suspended floral chandeliers, keep an open mind when it comes to using faux. To create these types of displays, they often have to be done largely on-site and installed on the day of the event. This requires a large staff as well as tools, ladders, scaffolding, and sometimes even hydraulic lifts. The upside of using faux blooms enables a floral team to create these installs over time and even set a few days before. This is a huge savings in labor. Some floral and event designers even have items like this available for rent. Don’t get turned off by the fact that it is made of silk flowers, in pictures, it looks phenomenal. Also, keep in mind that big items like these are usually being viewed from afar, your guest won't be getting up close and personal with them.

As seen in New Jersey Bride

Images: Jackie Averill

Stylist: Kristin Rockhill

Gown: Bridal Suite Boutique, NJ 

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