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Are you dreaming of dining al fresco on your big day? Lots of couples opt to have an outdoor wedding or tented event on picturesque properties. From the beach to the country to venues with city views, tying the knot in the great outdoors is always on the wish list. While an open air affair has us dreaming of warm sunshine, cool breezes and an oh so romantic star filled sky, chances are the weather will get in the way. Most couples ultimately aren't willing to take the risk and opt for an indoor temperature controlled space so they won’t have to worry about the variables. But don’t book that ballroom yet! With the right amount of planning and preparation you can weather any storm when it comes to hosting an outdoor soiree.

Plan. Outdoor weddings require more planning, more prep and yes, more money. It’s a common misconception that outdoor tent weddings are sweet and simple and a fraction of the cost of a big ballroom wedding. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Ballrooms may not afford you all the customization of an off premise event, but everything is included in the price, from tables, to chairs, china and linens. When you rent a venue or host a tented event, every single fork, napkin and glass has to be rented and of course there is the venue site fee and the cost of the tent. It’s 100% ala carte. So, if you’re on a tight budget, this may not be the best option for you. Another key to planning a successful outdoor wedding is understanding that you will spend money on things you may not need. This cannot be avoided. There is nothing worse than stressing on wedding day because you opted to forgo the cost of a ceremony tent just in case it rains. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Most importantly, don’t tempt fate. Wedding planners are worth every penny when planning this type of event. They will help you stay on top of all the additional tasks and ensure there are no day of melt downs. Also consider faux florals for your decor. Spending big bucks on flowers that may wilt die or even freeze on wedding day can be a big bummer.  

Prep. There are so many factors to consider when making decisions and preparing for your outdoor wedding. From worrying about weather to praying the pests wont be bad to prepping your guests, every detail must be well planned. You can’t control the weather but you can be prepared to handle anything mother nature throws at you. Make sure you have a tent booked for all of the outdoor areas you will be using unless there is an indoor back up space. Request that the tent has optional sidewalls in case of strong winds or sideways rain! Investing in umbrellas is also a good idea if guests will need to get from point a to b without getting wet or overheated. Umbrellas come in handy, rain or shine! Make sure your outdoor space has lots of fans or heaters. An outdoor space can be climate controlled and kept warm and cozy or cool for your guests. A strong breeze from a fan is also a great way to keep pesky mosquitos away. Having bug spray available is also highly recommended.  Don’t forget to prep your guests! Be sure to indicate the landscape of your wedding on your invite. This will let guests know that they will be primarily outdoors and should dress accordingly. Having lots of drinks readily available for guests to cool down or warm up is really important to creating a positive experience for everyone. 

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Enjoy. You’ve crossed every t and dotted every i! You’ve chosen a sensible dress, shoes and a hairstyle that won’t be deterred by mother nature! All of your decor was chosen with great care and is well secured to withstand the elements. You’ve brought in beautiful restroom trailers so your guests will never utter the words,  “roughing it.”  Parking is permitted, valet is on point and your event is glowing with well lit paths and mood lighting! A gourmet kitchen has been constructed in the kitchen tent, everything is insured, and the generators are humming! All your hard work will pay off because you’ve left no stone unturned and you have earned yourself a stress free wedding day! What will be, will be, but you are ready for it! Come rain or shine, you are going to dance the night away without a care in the world and Enjoy the best day of your life! 

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As seen in New Jersey Bride



Photographer - Jaye Kogut
Gowns - Priscilla Costa 
Makeup - Make Me Glam
Hair -  William Jean Salon 

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