How I Started Designing Faux Flowers

    Having been a floral & event designer for years, the thought of designing with faux flowers was appalling to me, as in no way, never. However, as I began working on more styled shoots, it became a necessity. The flowers I wanted were not always available or in season. Also, real flowers did not last for the entire shoot, nor could they withstand the long day of being tossed around a set.  Specifically with magazine editorials, where we are often shooting in the opposite season that we are in and the days are long and hectic.

    In order to show a realistic portrayal and inspiring content for the season, I started seeking out faux options. At first, I wondered around local craft stores, looking for a few seasonal blooms to accent my real designs. That worked great, but I was still having issues with the real flowers and greens staying fresh all day, by the end of the shoot they were lagging and un-shootable.

    I did a lot of research and found some great suppliers started testing out more varieties and I was blown away by how realistic the flowers were! The colors were true to the real thing and the texture and design were incredible. I tested out designing full bouquets and centerpieces for shoots and they looked amazing and photographed even better. No one at the shoot even knew they were faux.

    I started thinking about all of the stress of weddings and the fear of flowers not coming in, being too expensive, dying, being the wrong color, too big, too small, etc and I thought, this is something that could really take away a lot of headaches for real brides. Now, I love flowers as much as the next girl, probably even more so, so this was a leap for me. However, I can’t tell you how many times over the years, I’ve had disappointed clients because the peonies just didn’t open, or worse didn’t come in at all! Certain flowers don’t ship well and often die on arrival or are just so expensive, they become a non-option. Things like cherry blossom branches are always in high demand, but the timing is uncertain and there is no guarantee they will be blooming that week in the spring you are getting married. Often times depending on climate and weather where the flowers are grown, the colors can be affected and not be the perfect shade a client was envisioning.  Don’t even get me started on the sheer waste factor that comes along with wedding flowers. Things like this made me a really start to think about the upside of designing with faux blooms.

    Fake flowers can be pricey but well worth the cost for peace of mind. So I created a company where brides can buy customizable faux bouquets or rent them for a fraction of the price of real blooms. Ready to check out some of our bundles of blooms? Check out these beauties! 


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