We’ve got the 411 on the dress code for your male party guests! From ultra formal to no jacket required, check out our dress code decoder.  Be sure to include the dress code on your invitation so the men know if a green velvet blazer is a ok or if it will have them eating with the kitchen staff!

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White Tie. The white tie dress code is reserved for the most formal of affairs like  Prince Harry's Wedding or a White House Soiree. The rules of dress are strict with no room for interpretation. White bow ties, waistcoat, wing-tip tuxedo shirt paired with  button studs and cufflinks, tailcoat with black pleated tuxedo pants and black patent leather shoes with black socks are required!

Black Tie. One of the most common dress codes suited for a semi-formal affair and the popular choice for most weddings. While there are more options than white tie, adding personality and style is not recommended. Guests can choose from either a black or navy tuxedo with a white tux shirt, black bow tie and a white pocket square.  Black vests or cummerbunds are also acceptable. Black patent-leather shoes with black socks are the expected footwear.

Creative Black Tie. This black tie dress code allows the boys a bit of a creative edge and the ability to deviate slightly from black tie attire. While expected to uphold most of the black tie stipulations, gentlemen may choose one aspect of their outfit to spice up their look. This is often the type of look seen on the red carpet being worn by celebrities. Pair an emerald velvet jacket with all of the other traditional elements of the black tux or opt for the traditional tux but add in a funky pair of kicks.

Black Tie Optional.  An informal dress code that allows men to opt for a suit rather than a tux.  While the tux may not be required, the guys are still expected to dress for a formal affair. A dark suit in black, brown, navy or charcoal is acceptable with a  bow tie or tie in a solid color is preferred.

Cocktail Attire. Cocktail Attire is similar to business casual allowing gentlemen more options as far as suit color and stylish accessories.  The guys can have fun with their look adding splashes of color but gray, brown and blue suits are the norm.

Casual Dress. Casual dress is the best dress code for informal affairs like outdoor weddings at the beach, in the country or on the farm. Jackets are not required but blazers in all styles and patterns are welcome allowing gentlemen to showcase their personal style with interesting shirts, shoes and accessories. While it may be an informal affair, polo shirts, shorts and sandals are not on the menu.

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Photos: Jackie Averill

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