10 Reasons Why You Should Rent Faux Flowers For Your Wedding


These days you can rent everything for your wedding from the runway to the farm. Brides and grooms are renting props, décor, gowns and even animals to add unexpected style and a personal touch to their big day. So why rent? Renting is an affordable option that gives couples access to things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford and have no use for after they tie the knot. Wedding flowers are one of the most costly things that couples spend money on and also have the biggest waste factor. When the I do’s are done, most of the floral décor gets tossed. That’s a pretty penny to spend on bouquets and centerpieces for a single days use. Faux flower rentals are the next big thing. Chances are you’ve been admiring beautiful faux blooms and arrangements on social media without even realizing they weren’t the real deal.  Silk flowers have come a long way in the last few years, your guests will never know you went faux! Luxury faux floral rentals in designer styles at attainable prices are here and you won’t believe your eyes!  Check out our top 10 reasons to rent faux flowers.



Why Rent Faux Flowers ?

  1. Eliminate the amount of waste that comes with weddings. Not only are you throwing away thousands of dollars in floral décor at the end of the night, you’re also creating a ton of garbage.
  2. Faux flowers are eco-friendly.  They do not require the rush air shipping and chemical fertilizers that fresh flowers do, both of which are harmful to the environment.
  3. Faux flowers are a fraction of the price of fresh. Because they are reusable, couples avoid hefty seasonal charges and the labor fees that come with creating, delivering and setting up fresh floral decor.
  4. Faux flowers are much sturdier then real flowers and can be shipped without worry. They are also light weight and easy to transport.
  5. You can’t get more low maintenance then with faux blooms. You’ll never have to worry about water, sunlight or temperature effecting how they look and feel.
  6. You’ll never have to worry about dead flowers. Getting married outside or in a hot climate is no longer a factor. Your faux blooms will never wilt or fall apart.
  7. Faux flowers are never out of season, always available and in full bloom. Nothing is worse the hoping a batch of peonies will open in time for the big day.  
  8. Getting the perfect hue and style of flower you want is never an issue. Fresh flowers are effected by things like soil and climate which can alter their color, size and shape.
  9. Faux blooms are hypoallergenic so you can choose any flowers you want without worry of a strong scent effecting your guests or competing with the aroma of dinner.
  10. If you decide to purchase your faux flowers, they will be a lifelong memory that you can display in your home and reuse and modify for any occasion.


Images By: Jackie Averill

Sytlist By: Kristin Rockhill 

As seen in New Jersey Bride

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